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Welcome to my studio and digital show! 
It will not be possible to visit my studio during easter as usual, because of the coronavirus. But the studio is tidy and full fo new paintings. Now you can sit at home instead in peace and quiet and watch, how long and often you want.
Maybe not as good experience as in reality but that is the best I can do.
Here are short movies from all four rooms in my studio, as well as photos of all the paintings by number, with titles and size.
If you see something that you want to buy or are interested in, you can call or send sms to +46723113788 or e-mail me at
I can receive occasional pre-booked visits.
Titles in english when you point on a picture.

Payment from abroad via transfer to my bank account .
VAT included with 12%
Free shipping.

1. Den orangea ballongen SOLD
90x60 cm

2. Hus I
23x23 cm

4. Gårdar
23x23 cm

3. Hus II
23x23 cm

5. Pergament

6. The long and winding road I
50x40 cm

8.Protest SÅLD
50x40 cm

7. The long and winding road II
50x40 cm

9. Hemma
50x40 cm

10. Dragkamp

11. Övergiven
23x23 cm

13. Sammanhållning
23x23 cm SÅLD

12. Hålla avstånd
23x23 cm