Decoration at Hallands 
county Hospital in Halmstad.

Made for the new comunication center 2002

The communication center is the most recently builtaddition to the hospital. It was created for people who are visually or hearing impaired.
The basic idea of the decoration is to enable visually impaired people to feel the form with their hands.
The decoration is featured throughout three different floors.
Each floor has it´s own form, `The Facade´, `The Ark´and `The Stairs´.
The forms are simple and easy to see and feel.
Some are carved and painted, others are just painted.
There are also sculptures made of concrete.


 FLOOR 1 "Facade"
The pictures are made on wood , some parts are 
reliefs that are carved out and some are only painted

sjukhuset-11.jpg (21397 byte) sjukhuset-15.jpg (15443 byte) ark3.jpg (11736 byte)

FLOOR 2 "Ark"
  A form that resembles a boat or a shield.
It is painted and carved out of wood.
The white Ark on the picture is about 150 cm tall

  sjukhuset-14.jpg (31004 byte) 


FLOOR 3 "Stairs"
This floor features stairs as a form, both as sculptures
in concrete and as large acrylic paintings on wood
One colomn at the entrance is made to appear as a large 
stairway that ends at a small painting.